When a major storm blows through town, it can end up being a bad day for homeowners struck by hail or damaging winds. When that happens, business owner, Jason Sweet wants people to be able to call someone local who they can trust to help fix what was damaged.

Sweet and Ryan Walker, co-owners of Freedom Restoration and Roofing, recently purchased a building in Warrenton to serve as headquarters for their home restoration business. Sweet said they’re proud to advertise that the owners and many of the employees have roots right here in Warrenton.

“We want to make sure, as a company, that the community knows that we’re local, that we’re here, that we can take care of people,” Sweet said.

Freedom recently purchased the building on Louis Street that directly faces Interstate 70 in Warrenton. Sweet said they plan to use the building as their headquarters while expanding the business throughout a wide region.

“We want Warrenton to be our hometown, we want everyone to know that we’re from Warrenton,” Sweet said. “We plan to make this our location forever.”

Sweet is also proud to promote his experience as an Army veteran and said that experience has a strong influence on how the business is run.

“Being a military veteran, just that attention to detail is very important,” Sweet said. “In a very Army kind of way ... we’re creating a system for every single thing that we do. From the inspection side of things to the production side, every single thing we do has a process to it. And we have really high standards for the work.”

That work includes installing and repairing roofs, along with basically any sort of exterior repair after damage from a storm. Gutters, siding, windows, and other features are all within their portfolio.

Sweet and co-owner Walker started Freedom Restoration and Roofing in 2013. Walker had worked for a roofing contractor and Sweet as a union carpenter. Sweet said they saw a lot of bad practices in the industry and wanted to start a roofing company that provides quality and integrity. They’ve been expanding the business since, and currently employ 12 people. They have the vision to continue expanding throughout the Midwest.

Sweet said the quality of Freedom’s work and the product is certified through a partnership with roofing manufacturer Owens Corning.

“We want to make sure people are using a trustworthy company,” Sweet commented.

Sweet said that trust is built not only through the quality of work, but also the quality of relationships. While working with customers and insurance companies after a storm, Sweet said their job is to provide homeowners the repairs they need, without over- or underselling the damage.

“We’re working for the homeowner, with the insurance company,” Sweet said. “You have to have some integrity with it, and we’re proud to have that integrity. It’s part of who we are.”