Wentzville Residents’ Homes Sustain Extensive Damage Following Large Hailstorm

Tuesday night, a storm hit the Wentzville area causing substantial damage to homes from large pieces of hail, strong winds, and lightning.

What: 60 mph. winds and hail around 1.68 in. diameter
When: September 26th
Where: Wentzville, Missouri

Earlier this week, 5 On Your Side reported on its website that the Wentzville area received storm damage following a catastrophic thunder and hailstorm on Tuesday night. The storm hit around 8:30 p.m. on September 26th and caused considerable damage to plants, cars, homes, and outside structures.

If you were impacted by the storm, here’s some information you need to know about the damaging effects of hail, safety tips in a storm, and local relief resources.

The Dangerous Impact of Hail

Hail is a type of ice pellets that can range in size and form during intense thunderstorms. Hail that is around 1” in diameter can cause irreparable damage to things like cars and extensive damage to your roof, home, and property. The damage can range from denting roofs and gutters, ripping screen doors, and cracking your siding to shattering your windows and can hurt the structural integrity of your home.

According to 5 On Your Side, Wentzville residents reported shredded screens, torn-out awnings, and siding that is full of cracks and holes.

Staying Safe Throughout a Storm

Even though storms have a mind of their own, there are ways that homeowners can reduce potential damage to their homes and belongings. If you know a big storm is coming, it is a good idea to clear out any weak tree branches near your house, bring in your patio furniture, and move your cars to a safe, covered place.

During a storm, it’s wise for you and your pets to stay inside your home and away from any windows. You can close your curtains to provide a barrier between yourself and potential broken glass.

After a storm passes, it’s wise to inspect your home and roof for potential damage and safely clear off any debris that you can. If there is a lot of damage that requires immediate attention, get in touch with a reputable and trustworthy local roofing company that has storm damage repair experience in your area.

Storm Damage Resources

Emergency Management

The Wentzville Missouri Government website has information about emergency management for the local community and the steps you can take to remain safe during a storm. These guides are helpful in knowing how to respond in times of distress, what to do after a storm has passed, and how to go about getting storm damage repaired.

Freedom Restoration and Roofing St. Louis, MO

Freedom Restoration and Roofing

Freedom Restoration and Roofing has been serving the Wentzville community for over 10 years and has knowledge and expertise in storm damage restoration. At Freedom and Restoration, we are committed to building a company on integrity and transparency.

If you sustained roofing from the recent storm, reach out to us today to get a free inspection.

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