Hail Damages in Troy, MO, Creates Massive Damages; 04/20/2023

A massive storm quickly sweeps through the St Louis area, causing severe damage to Troy residents. “Pea-sized, then it was quarter-sized, and it was crazy”, as one resident reports. The sudden storm continued as reports show some areas received as large as ping-pong-sized hail.

What:  Hail of various dimensions

When: April 20, 2023

Where: Troy, Missouri

What Does it Mean for Your Home? 

Below is a video taken by one resident showing the massive amount of hail that suddenly came upon Troy and the surrounding areas. 

What happens when hail larger than 1” is present? 

  • Dents in shingles as well as bruising in the underlayment.
  • Dents in your gutters and fascia.
  • Dents or cracks in the siding.
  • Torn holes in window and door screens.
  • Granule loss in shingles can be noted by observing the gutter system.

What happens when hail is between 1.5″ to 2″ in diameter?

  • Hail has the potential of damaging ridge caps and plastic roof vents.
  • Breaking or cracking siding is more severe. 
  • Siding may tear off entirely from the combined pressure of hail strikes and high winds.
  • Windows and doors become broken.
  • Most metal fixtures will begin to show damage.

When larger hail is present, so are strong winds. What happens to my home with this combination? 

  • Lifting, curling, peeling, shingles. 
  • Complete shingle loss.
  • Nearby limbs and branches can come loose and fall on the roof, gutters, and siding

Lincoln County Emergency Management

As the above video notes, Lincoln County Emergency Management has resources to assist those in need.  Refer to https://lcmoema.com/preliminary-storm-damage-assessment-form/

for an assessment to complete regarding damages done to your home

Where Can I Turn for Repairs? 

Contact none other than Freedom Roofing and Restoration in St. Louis to assist you when hail damages ravage your property. We have been serving the area since 2013, delivering top-notch exterior remodeling solutions for local residents. We are the hometown experts fully equipped to get your home back to its former glory. 

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